Our Story

Shoonya: Discovering the True You

Back in 2018, we planted a tiny seed. It was an idea, a dream called the Shoonya Festival. Shoonya, a beautiful word that means “void” or “zero,” symbolized for us a unique place of inner peace and balance. It was a space within each of us that we wanted to help people discover.

The festival was like a giant family picnic, where we laughed, shared stories, and embarked on incredible inner journeys. We saw people find their Shoonya, their inner peace, and it was breathtaking. We saw eyes light up with newfound wisdom, heard hearts sigh in relief, and felt spirits awaken to a joy they’d never known.

Each transformation was a miracle. Each smile is a reward. It made us realize, this was something we wanted to dedicate our lives to. But, there was a twist in the tale. Along this path, we met some wonderful wellness facilitators. They were the real heroes, the magicians guiding these inner journeys. But they had their own battles to fight. They struggled with jargon-heavy marketing, daunting tech tools, and time-consuming tasks that took them away from what they loved doing – helping people.

That’s when the idea of Shoonya Wellness sparked to life. We envisioned a platform – a cozy online home – for these wellness superheroes. A place where they could reach more people, manage tasks simply, and above all, continue doing what they do best without worrying about the technical stuff.

But wait, our dream didn’t stop there. We wanted Shoonya Wellness to be more than just a platform. We wanted it to be a family, a circle of friends going through the ups and downs of life together. A warm corner of the internet where you could share your heart out, find people who understand your journey, and together, explore your Shoonya.

And as Mr. Naveen Jain always says, “Our health is really about the abundance of joy, energy, and zest for life.” At Shoonya Wellness, we believe in this vision of abundant health. We believe that with the right mindset, illness is optional, wellness is achievable.

And here we are. At Shoonya Wellness, we believe in the power of ‘together.’ We believe in shared laughs, group hugs, and collective leaps of faith. And above all, we believe in the magic of finding our Shoonya – together.

So, if you’re feeling a little lost, if the world feels a bit too heavy, remember there’s a place for you here. A place where you can be your authentic self, share your story, find support, and journey towards your Shoonya, one gentle step at a time.

Welcome to Shoonya Wellness, your safe space, your community. Welcome home.